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Since 1988, I have been providing counseling to adults 18 and up. I provide a compassionate and supportive atmosphere to help people find peace, comfort
and happiness in their lives and relationships.

My work
with individuals and couples focuses on understanding and alleviating distressing symptoms, promoting individual self-awareness and growth, and enhancing relationships with others. I use a variety of techniques to help people feel better, and I offer concrete solutions to solve areas of difficulty. Having worked in military agencies for 13 years, I am very familiar with the military lifestyle.

I have been trained in several communication skills programs to help couples realize their potential for a successful relationship. These include Prep (Prevention Relationship Enhancement Program) and PAIRS. I am committed and dedicated to helping you. Having the right communication skills to deal with conflict is the key to having a successful relationship. I have special training in teaching individuals and couples the right communication skills and how to get each other's needs met. I am the type of therapist who 'thinks outside of the box' to help clients solve issues and move to another level. Emotions can begin to control our lives. Don't suffer anymore--call for help.

Areas of expertise;
anxiety, depression, military lifestyle, marriage and
couples counseling, pre-marital counseling, self-esteem issues,
life transition, parenting concerns, loss, grief,
victims of domestic violence, anger management, infidelity,
job stress, and more.

  Counseling Services
  Military Lifestyle
  Marriage and Couples
  Self-esteem Issues
  Life Transition
  Parenting Concerns
  Loss and Grief
  Victims of Domestic Violence
  Anger Management
  Infidelity, Cheating
  Job, Career Stress
  Anxiety and Depression

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Rita Davis LCSW