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When couples come to marriage counseling due to infidelity
in the marriage, there is usually a tremendous amount of
anger and hurt feelings for the spouse whose partner
had an affair. 

These feelings are very normal for what has occurred. 

When Rita Davis works with couples around infidelity, she not only addresses the
feelings of the hurt partner, but she also makes sure both partners understand the reasons he/she made the choice to have the affair in the first place.

This is very important because when the hurt partner understands why their spouse
made the choice to have the affair, then Rita Davis works with the couple to problem-
solve the issues that resulted in the affair, and to prevent them from resulting in any further affairs.

It is important to understand that when the spouse who had the affair reveals what
made him/her choose to have an affair, this is not justifying the affair.  Rather, it is an important piece of information that we must have in order to move forward. If the hurt spouse does not know what made their partner choose to have an affair, it is more
difficult for the hurt partner to regain trust in their spouse because they have no idea
why the partner chose to have an affair, which makes it more difficult to feel that it will
not happen again. 

Trust can be regained slowly over time with the help of the therapist. 

Rita Davis usually works with the hurt partner in their own individual sessions apart
from the marital sessions to help them with their feelings about the affair. She may
also work with the partner who had the affair. 

After individual work with both partners, she then works with both partners in
sessions together.

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