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Q:  What is involved in the counseling process?
A: When you come to counseling, the therapist will ask you what brings you to the counseling. The therapist will work with you each session to resolve your issues and concerns. 

Q: How many sessions of counseling do I need?
A: This depends on the person/couple and what the issues are. Some issues are solved more quickly than others.  It is best not to place a time frame on therapy work. You will know when you are feeling better, and you will also know when you feel you have resolved enough of your issues to be successful in all areas of your life. The therapist will monitor your progress with you throughout the sessions, and when you feel you have reached the goals you originally came for, you can let the therapist know.

Q: What is the frequency of the sessions?
A: Many clients prefer to come once a week so that they can make greater progress. In times of extreme crisis, some clients choose to come twice a week initially. Some clients will begin to attend every other week when they have made progress on their concerns/ issues. 

Q: If I finish working on my issues, can I return to the sessions at a later time if there is more that I want to work on or if new concerns arise?
A: Yes. When new concerns arise that you want additional help with, it can be very helpful to return to the counseling. Many times clients will work on areas of concern or difficulty, and then realize months or even years later that they need additional help. As we mature and get older, life presents new challenges, and it can be beneficial to return to the counseling. 

Q: What is the cost of the sessions?
A: If you are using insurance to help cover the cost of the counseling, you will pay your co-payment at the time of each session. The office will inform you of what your co-payment is, and we will file your insurance for you, and the insurance company will send the payment to the therapist. If you are not using insurance, please call our office to find out what the cash fee will be. Visa and Master card are accepted, as well as cash and checks. There is a returned check fee of $35.00.

Q: Is there a cancellation policy?
A: Rita Davis' cancellation policy requires 24 hr. notice if you are unable to attend. A charge of $75.00 is billed to the client for missed appointments that are less than 24 hr. notice. Insurance does not pay for missed appointments.

Q: Do I need to keep coming to the sessions if I feel I have resolved my concerns? 
A: If you feel you have sufficiently worked through the difficulties that brought you to the counseling, and areas of your life are working more efficiently, then let the therapist know, and you can plan a date to stop coming. 

Q:  Can you prescribe medication?
A: Rita Davis cannot prescribe medication. Her office does not have a psychiatrist. We can give referrals to a psychiatrist in the community.

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